Free Feed!

zach rice

We never say no to free feed. My good friend Steph’s family are rice farmers. Whenever they “spill” rice on the ground they sweep it up and put it in bins. Then they don’t want that rice anymore? I think it is unsellable. Whatever, they give it all to me!

Well us, Zach once again did all the work. I held the bags open for him and unnecessarily guided him while he was moving the trailer around. Pretty sure I was just there to look pretty and make phone calls. Our animal feed bins were low, we were just considering calling our feed supplier and getting another delivery, not sure how we were going to pay for it. This was a blessing for sure. We are forever thankful to them.

We have had a busy week some friends went out of town and we were ranch sitting for them. Their animals require two a day chores and they had an old dog that needed a lot of potty breaks so we stayed at their house. It was like a mini vacation with chores. Between our ranch, their ranch and they house in town we were kept hopping. I still found the time to sell half a dozen piglets. Well sell and trade I also scored 3 goats, 11 turkeys and 35 bales of hay!!


Buck: Boy Goat

Doe or Nanny: Girl Goat (that has had kids)

Buckling: Little Boy Goat (that has never fathered children – also less than a year old)

Doeling: Little Girl Goat (that has never had babies -also less than a year old)

Kid: Baby goat

Weather: Castrated male goat

Zach is not totally sold on the goats and thinks turkeys are worthless but he is humoring me and I will ride that train as long as possible. I have been wanting to raise goats for awhile, not for any particular reason I simply want all the animals. I Will get cows and sheep someday too! These 3 are Boer, which is a meat variety that is popular in my part of California therefore readily available. They are all very friendly they oldest girl is a year and a half, the younger about 8 months and the little boy goat is 4 months old. So hopefully he will be able to breed them when the younger female is also ready. A friend of ours raised goats and he put a “ready” buck in with does and doelings who were not ready to breed. They can get pregnant but they are not yet full size. It simply makes carrying the kid and birthing it exponentially more difficult for them. SO while we wait for everybody to be ready to breed… We shall think of names.

Eventually we will get around to naming all of our animals. However, all of our males have names so we will start with the buck. He looks like this (see below) he is more skittish than the girls and is younger, therefore smaller and gets pushed around a lot, pretty soon though he will be struttin his stuff and letting them know who is boss. Does anyone have any name suggestions? Zach wants to call him “balls… cause he has balls” So I’m sure any man, woman, child or alien can come up with a better name than that! Looking forward to hearing from you all! All comments are welcome but if you come up with something along the same lines as Zach’s ridiculousness don’t be surprised if the name you recommend doesn’t get chosen. I have the final say after all. 🙂

boy goat
Name Me!

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