Dirty Sheets

zoey and zach
Daddy’s Girl

It seems to be some sort of universal law that as soon as I put new sheets on the kids beds they either leak through their diapers and ruin the bed or throw up. Consequently they spend most of the time with various blankets and quilts on their bed but no sheets. Which especially for Roo (that is what we call the baby Emma) is particularly annoying she kicks it all aside then lays on the mattress and sweats on it and sticks to it.

I put new sheets on their beds yesterday they had been clean in their room for a couple of weeks but I was procrastinating putting them on. My logic being if I don’t put clean sheets in they won’t wet the bed. I was right! I sent Zoey to bed a few minutes ago and Zach says, “Oh right, well hold on, she peed the bed this morning” I said that’s okay she can sleep on the mattress like she always does. He says “okay so you have to take the sheet off then right?” I have to? I Have To?! Who gets a kid out of bed in the morning, sees that they have peed the bed and thinks hmm well better leave this to sit for twelve hours lol. I fully expect something horrible to happen to Emma’s sheets sometime this week.

Had a great day at the river today the dam was up creating a nice shallow spots for the kids. Emma and Zoey could splash around safely in about 5 inches of water. and only 50′ away their daddy foolishly chose to got to jump off a bridge with his brothers and sister into deeper water. Maybe next week we will get back to the grind. We have piglets to castrate and a door to frame in. A chicken coop and rabbit barn to build fences to put up gates to rebuild the list is long. However when the temperature exceeds a hundred degrees you can find my family at the river! (We are seriously missing Oregon)…

Have a great week everybody


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