Shasta 3
Mount Shasta

We have been getting hog feed for a couple months now and it is awesome. The down side is it is still in its packaging. The produce is in mesh bags, bread is in paper bags, cookies in plastic containers etc. So it is a little work to open everything to dole it out. It is worth the time it takes to open everything in exchange for not having to buy feed.

The main annoying part is our stinkin’ horses. They have the best time getting into the garbage bags and strewing it across half a field. The next day I sigh and rebag it and the whole production repeats itself. Every day I’m annoyed that there is, not more garbage, but the same garbage to be picked up. Clearly I am insane since the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I truly hoped every day that maybe this time the horses would see how long it took me to pick up the trash and they would this time be different. I sold my horse Sage so there were only three horses instead of four digging through the trash. It didn’t help.

ranch horses

The night before we left for a week long vacation up in far Northern California and into Southern Oregon. Zach went out to top off waters and refill feed barrels. He called me and told me that there was garbage everywhere and half empty food boxes and he didn’t want the horses getting into it anymore. I, who was happily ensconced on the couch at home, said “well why don’t you just put some livestock panels around the feed storage area.” The ones that hook together with pins that are used to make corrals. Zach’s parents had a bunch and they had only used about 2/3s of them. Now this horse situation had been going on for many weeks and those panels have been sitting there about 30′ away THE ENTIRE TIME. Worked like a dream. Zach’s horse pushes on them a little he can push in towards the food but he can’t get through the fence it is very clean food wise out there now it’s amazing!

Just goes to show what a little brain power will do. Let see if I can think of another old adage that could fit this scenario. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take the ten minutes to put up the dang fence and you won’t have to clean up a hundred pounds of garbage. I’m going to sit down with some coffee, to try and turn my brain on, and see if I can think of any other ways to make ranch life a little easier.

On a happier note. Our trip up the coast was amazing we ended the trip in Oregon where a good chunk of Zach’s family lives. The spent a couple of days trying to convince us to move our ranching operation up there. Sure was tempting the weather was great I believe it topped out at 80 one day and even rained once while home was hanging out in the hundreds. Zoey and Emma loved hanging out with their little cousins and I had a great time meeting the new baby Eden. She loved me so much she even peed on me in a restaurant. That’s true friendship right there!

My friend Shanna once again took care of all my animals at the town house and Jhan took care for all the ranch animals. I didn’t have to worry about them. I just sat back and enjoyed my time with my family. Shanna got the fun experience of chasing newborn ducklings (she had to recruit a friend AND it took her two days HA! Practice makes perfect only takes me like 5 minutes now).

I included some pictures of gorgeous Oregon and adorable children we can’t wait to go back!


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