Holy Bananas!

This is about 6 boxes of 128 that I moved into buckets for ease of feeding. 

We have a very nice client who gets produce for his pigs. Sometimes he gets extra produce. Yesterday he brought us one literal ton of bananas. As in 128 banana boxes full of bananas! And one 300lb box full of various apples and pineapples etc. Our pigs were so happy. Particularly the pen closest to the unloading zone. The load of produce he got us will feed all 20 of my pigs for a week. I am over the moon excited about

I was actually starting to stress a little bit about how we were going to afford the next round of feed for the pigs since their storage totes are running low. Happy early birthday to me. It was worth the hour and a half of unloading it took us. I thank the Lord for Tony, our produce guy, and his generosity! Also for my birthday one of my mama ducks hatched out 8 ducklings, I sold my horse, and Zach got me boots! I love boots! These are ranch boots though. I have been working my pig ranch in flip flop for months. Hurray for boots.

My horse Sage will be going to a good home where she will actually be ridden instead of used a pasture ornament. I will use the money I got from her to have Zach build me a really nice chicken coop. I have a really nice one that my former boss made me. I have since expanded past the point where the birds fit in the coop anymore. That one fit about 8 I need one that will hold about 30 or more. Unfortunately that building project will have to get in line behind my little house. I can be patient though, for a little while.


My nephew Carter came and hung out with us the other day. Yes the long pants and long sleeves on that boy were on the same day that my car thermometer read at 114 degrees! HE dresses himself. He was dying by the time we got back inside. I had him take off his shirt and socks when we got back inside he just looked so miserable. It was not cool this week I need to get a pool for the kiddos. Carter was so excited about the ducklings and rabbits and was thrilled that the cat loved him. He and Zoey excitedly had me look at him petting the cat about 30 million times over breakfast.

I don’t know if you guys have been introduced to Gypsy the cat yet. She is mine. I had a cat when I was growing up. My parents got him for me when I was 8 and we grew up together. When I got married and moved out Laddy stayed behind, so I got Gypsy as a replacement. Turns out not all cats are completely silent and polite and standoffish. Gypsy is very talkative. She always wants to be inside and loves to be petted and scratched. In short she is loud and annoying and the opposite of Laddy. But she is an excellent mouser. Her record is 11 mice in one day! She talks to the dog and gets her love from Zach. He pretends to hate her, but I have walked in on him petting her many a time. Those two are great friends 🙂

Today is my 25th birthday and although normally I feel much much older I had a spring of youth to my step today. I got birthday wishes from friends and family. Several people brought me coffee and still others wished that I would get lots of coffee. It means a lot that people send me wishes of coffee. Lots of love, healthy happy children and a working ranch where everybody gets enough food. I am so blessed!

me and zoey
Zoey was pushing me out of the picture. She is such a ham! Don’t mind the dirt streaks on her forehead!!





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