Summer is here…

May 31, 2016

This little guy as you can see DID NOT want me to hold him. He hatched yesterday, a day later than his siblings. He really should be thanking me instead of attempting suicide to get away from me. If I hadn’t stolen his hatch-mates his mama would never have come back for him. As you can see from this picture I got some sun this weekend. Summer is upon us full force. I need to do all I can to keep myself the children and my animals cool.

In past years I would fight Summer by whining, going swimming in pools, whining about how hot it is some more and staying in the AC house all the time while whining (There might be a pattern there). Since Zach and the kids and the ranch I have had to venture into the elements more. Zach is not the type of person who sits around the house. If it tops 90 degrees he is at some river somewhere. The girls are happy to go with him so I must go also! It’s not that I don’t like relaxing at the river it’s just that the water is so cold! I know I know it’s hot outside (currently 100 degrees at 5:50pm it’s not even June yet) how can you complain about cold water?

I think it’s largely because I am a giant baby. We usually go to the Feather River and while not as cold as some of the creeks, it’s not as warm as say a swimming pool or the lake! The river is mainly gone to because they boys all like to jump off the bridge into the river. I think it’s about 30′ unless you go up on the trestle (which they do) and jump from the top of that in which case it is 50’+. Pretty sure it’s illegal and definitely dangerous but they don’t listen to me! No I have not jumped nor will I ever jump I rarely watch when they jump, it hurts my stomach! Hurts a little lower than their stomach if they don’t remember to close their legs and hit the water just right… somebody ALWAYS forgets, that’s usually worth watching. Because that happens so often one of the boys or a friend stays in the water while everyone else jumps from up top. That way if somebody smacks himself pretty good someone is always there to keep their head above water (while loudly jeering at them and laughing in their faces, that’s brotherly love)

The animals on my ranch also doesn’t care if I’m hot or cold or tired or hungry so too are my charges. If I’m hot inside how do my rabbits feel outside? I rightly feel a sense of responsibility to them. The rabbits get a frozen water bottle to lay next to and the ducks get fresh cold water troughs. The pigs get their daily mud slops and the chickens, well there isn’t a whole lot I can do for the chickens they go where they please and do whatever they want. I spend my time searching for their eggs.

Zach alone will eat 8 eggs for breakfast, Zoey sometimes has as many as 3 in a meal add however many I eat and I need over a dozen eggs just for breakfast. This is just eggs there is also bacon and some sort of bread or potatoes or something too. Ya’ll my family eats a lot! That’s not including any baking a do. I would also love to be able to give my extended family farm fresh eggs. Zach’s family goes through 5 dozen a week! So many brothers! I am making a large coop a priority for the new ranch. Hopefully something along the lines of what Riceland Meadows did The roof is built in such a way that the heat flows up and out keeping the inside fairly cool. That is a major priority in this area where temps of over 100 degrees are common from June though August.

My sister in law has a sort of coop out at the ranch already for some chickens and ducks that I gave her. It has roosting bars and nest boxes, but her main priority is having the chickens near the pigs to keep the smell and flies down. They free range wherever they like which is usually in my feed pen and in the neighbors field. I wish her chickens liked to nest in the nest boxes built for them. They prefer to mess around in my rice feed totes. They scratch around and eat the rice then spill it everywhere then lay an egg. I say whatever chickens the pigs will enjoy the protein! When we move out there hopefully things will become more efficient. I hope to have my chickens trained to their nest boxes and my feed inaccessible to all but the humans who dole it out!

We’ll figure it out. Stay cool everybody for Summer is here!




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