Dirty Sheets

zoey and zach
Daddy’s Girl

It seems to be some sort of universal law that as soon as I put new sheets on the kids beds they either leak through their diapers and ruin the bed or throw up. Consequently they spend most of the time with various blankets and quilts on their bed but no sheets. Which especially for Roo (that is what we call the baby Emma) is particularly annoying she kicks it all aside then lays on the mattress and sweats on it and sticks to it.

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Shasta 3
Mount Shasta

We have been getting hog feed for a couple months now and it is awesome. The down side is it is still in its packaging. The produce is in mesh bags, bread is in paper bags, cookies in plastic containers etc. So it is a little work to open everything to dole it out. It is worth the time it takes to open everything in exchange for not having to buy feed.

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Holy Bananas!

This is about 6 boxes of 128 that I moved into buckets for ease of feeding. 

We have a very nice client who gets produce for his pigs. Sometimes he gets extra produce. Yesterday he brought us one literal ton of bananas. As in 128 banana boxes full of bananas! And one 300lb box full of various apples and pineapples etc. Our pigs were so happy. Particularly the pen closest to the unloading zone. The load of produce he got us will feed all 20 of my pigs for a week. I am over the moon excited about

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Sick Baby…

June 1, 2015

Sickness grabbed up both of my children these past few weeks which really limits my productivity. Since Zoey was born I have gotten more accomplished at doing things one handed. I can feed and water all the animals, gather eggs, and even catch ducklings while carrying a baby. It is not easy though and also takes me twice as long.

Zoey was sick last week and now Emma is under the weather. I pray she gets better soon. It is heart wrenching watching my babies be sick with nothing I can offer but comfort. Zach, of course, is a rock through all of it. He works all day, then goes out to the big ranch to do chores by himself . He then comes home and takes his turn snuggling babies. Sometimes I get tired just thinking about how busy his day is. He doesn’t mind working, he prefers to be active. His job as foreman lets him work with tractors all the time which he greatly enjoys. Boys and their toys! He also loves just being out at the ranch and breathing it all in. Petting his horse, messing with the alpaca, and making games out of tossing bread to the pigs. The heat affects him far more than it does me. For one he is outside all day air conditioning only happens in the truck between jobs. Today he told me he went through 4 work shirts and could wring out his pants if he wanted. Then he attempted a hug. Zoey and I ran away yelling “go shower daddy!”

This past weekend we went to the fair. Zoey had a great time with everything and Emma didn’t seem to care. Zoey particularly liked the rides. Although she didn’t get to go on as many as she would have liked. First off they wouldn’t sell her an all you can ride bracelet because she’s one inch under three feet. But she was allowed to go on all three feet tall rides with an adult. So we got her some tickets instead. Which is just not as cost effective. I would have made more of a stink about the bracelet, but then I realized she has to go on these rides with an adult. She had some of her little boyfriends there but they are all her age or a little older, not old enough to take them with her. That means me… or Zach, but she can only ride little kiddy rides and Zach is almost 7′ tall.



He went on the carousel with her and tried one little roller coaster. That was hilarious, he’s SO BIG! Unfortunately I had to go on the rest of the rides with her. I HATE ROLLER COASTERS! I will do the little tea cup rides or the tilt a whirl, spinning is fine, up and down is so not okay. Zach snapped some pictures of us riding. I tried to smile for the camera but I fear it is more of a grimace. I was getting nauseous on a ride that was going about as fast as someone can walk. My friends would always call me a wimpy rider but whatever I go to the fair to eat the expensive greasy food, not to throw it all up. 😉

Zoey had a good time and that is all that matters. We also went through and looked at the baby animals. I think two of the pigs that were shown this year came from our farm, we were way off on breeding calculations, but there is another fair coming up. We have a deal with 4H kids that if they get a ribbon and bring us a picture of them and our pig they get half off their next one.

Summer is here…

May 31, 2016

This little guy as you can see DID NOT want me to hold him. He hatched yesterday, a day later than his siblings. He really should be thanking me instead of attempting suicide to get away from me. If I hadn’t stolen his hatch-mates his mama would never have come back for him. As you can see from this picture I got some sun this weekend. Summer is upon us full force. I need to do all I can to keep myself the children and my animals cool.

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