New House Part 2

Zach floor


They managed to get the floor built in two days. The entire first day (first day with family helping) was spent leveling pier blocks and going back to the store multiple times because we (me) did math calculations wrong. For those of you who don’t know me I am terrible at math, even with a calculator. If it goes beyond basic addition it’s beyond me. Even with basic math my knee jerk answers to such things are usually wrong. 7+8=13… until I think about it, which I usually don’t.

Anyway floor built, took forever, hot outside, no shade, crying children. I was not very helpful. I have a mental block with both hammer and drill, but I measure like a boss! My job was going to the hardware store and getting lunch and holding babies. Zach and I are very happy to have it all done. He prefers to take his time and make sure every thing is done perfectly, mistakes happen ehrn you rush. Also Miss Emma does not nap well. She likes to be swaddled despite being 8 months old. You can’t swaddle a baby outside when it’s 90 degrees and there is no shade. She and I suffered through it she finally fell asleep in the pack n play. Above is my youngest brother-in-law. This one of about 50 selfies he took on my phone. Can’t leave that boy unsupervised for even  a minute!

I would give more details about how to properly construct a floor, but honestly I didn’t really understand what was going on. Something about pier blocks, 2×6’s, stickers, (you nail these in between boards for strength) tongue and groove osb. I just measured what I was told, tried to keep the kids out from underfoot, held strings for Marty, Zach’s dad, something about how to tell if things are square. I am not in construction for a reason.

That was Saturday and Sunday, Monday Zach and I, mainly Zach cut plywood and nailed it down for the floor. Then on Tuesday two guys came out to install the building. They showed up at my house in town at 7:30am. We live a good 20 minutes away from the ranch. It was fortunate that they showed up right as Zach was pulling out to go to work, so he was around to talk to them. *I also don’t like talking to people I don’t know* They followed me out to the ranch and construction began. Took them 5 hours to construct an 18×36′ steel building. They were impressively fast. During that time I screwed down the exterior of the floor, (it got too dark to do that the night before) ate breakfast, did my pig chores and refilled their rice barrels. Messed around with the rabbit pen we are thinking of making (more on those things later). That was already more work than I usually did in a day and it wasn’t even noon yet! Mixed feelings on what that says about my daily routine 🙂

Next step is framing out the interior of the house if we ever get around to it. If we keep procrastinating we are going to toss a couch and some mattresses in the shell and just live like that. I will keep you all updated.




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