Goodbye Boy Pig and Other…

piglets3Today the mobile butchering company came and took the two pigs we were growing out for a client. It is never a good idea to name pigs or any animal that aren’t going to live past their first year. It helps if you don’t think of them as pets. Zach and I take this to an extreme. We are TERRIBLE at naming animals! I think it’s a combination of not caring and not being original thinkers. The two that we have been growing out since they were born on our ranch 8 months ago were named Little Boy Pig and Other. When I would feed them in the mornings I would call them, “Here pig pig pig!”

That is most of our interaction. I did occasionally go in their pen and pat them and pull bits of plastic bags and other trash out of there. I did not love these creatures but it is still sad to see them go. They have been my garbage disposals for awhile now. When I inevitably ruin a recipe next week, who will grunt with please over the disgusting slop? I mean normally it’s Zach, he is easy to please. Last week I messed up on lasagna and then brownies. Both times it was because I misread the recipe. The chickens will eat some/most of them food scraps but… chickens are stupid and annoying and don’t deserve special food, chickens don’t appreciate it like Boy Pig and Other did.

These two pigs were raised for a client in exchange for several tons of walnuts. The “garbage walnuts” are small, cracked or have spots. Perfect for pigs but not good enough for stores. We really enjoy the art of trading as opposed to using money. I have an excess of pigs, he had an excess of walnuts, let’s make a deal!

Zach and Jhan have butchered several pigs and goats in the past year, but none so fast or clean as the mobile butchers did. Jhan is this backwoods redneck from Indiana, his hobbies are killing animals and drinking beer. No I kid, he’s a great friend and family man and he doesn’t read my blog so he will never find out I said that. I have to give him flack though because he calls soda “pop” and BBQ’s “cookouts” it’s annoying! Back to the butchers. They brought a box truck that had a boom for raising the hog up and all of their tools close to hand, they even brought their own hot water source, suffice it to say I was impressed! I took several pictures but I think I will ease you guys in to the dead animal pictures so; another time perhaps.

I don’t know if Zach and I will bring another set of piglets to town since we are planning on moving out to the big ranch soon. Although it is really nice to have them close. They fatten faster with the extra food scraps and are fun to have around. A farm is really not complete until it has some pigs. When it comes to acquiring farm animals pigs is my second choice. I recommend starting with chickens (even though they are silly creatures). Pigs are very easy to care for, all they need is food, water and possibly shelter depending on where you live.

Here in town they are penned under a tree so they don’t need shelter unless it’s raining. Out at the ranch all my pigs have shade shelters and we go out and give them slops every day. It get’s HOT here! No medicine needed no special treatment. We naturally treat for worms with garlic, the chickens deal with any bugs, and I got ducks to keep the flies down. They rarely get sick, I have never had a sick pig. Although once half a liter had a persistent cough/sneeze issue going on. Took me over an hour of watching them to realize they were creating dust clouds then inhaling the dust then sneezing it out. Looked pretty intentional, that was a weird group. 🙂

Pigs are social animals so when you get them it is best to buy two so they have a friend. If you have them for meat you can raise one for yourself and sell the spare! Our first pig was a duroc boar. We decided to get Durocs because they are docile, friendly and with their dark skin don’t have any sunburning issues that they white pigs get. They are also known as “The bacon pig” because, you guessed it, they have a lot of really good bacon on them. As soon as Zach heard bacon he said, “sold”!

Anyway goodbye pigs you are missed and appreciated. Fortunately the sadness for them is tempered by the cuteness of their replacements.

More posts coming soon!




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