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We our moving from our slum house into a…. I’m trying to think of a proper adjective… small house? carport house? Simple house? Shed house… How about we are moving from our old place to our new place, eventually. I say slum house because when we first bought our triplex, I had several friends ask me if someone had been murdered there. Other friends asked me if ghosts lived in the house with us, since there are a lot of strange noises that come from the attic. Who knows! It is not a pretty house, nor is it well built which irks my husband and father-in-law to no end.

It has come along in the two years that we have lived here. Our unit is the most livable. The other two are livable if you don’t have high standards. That’s easy: college age guys! They are the best tenants ever – they don’t want anything fixed, and they just live in their own squalor. Even though we put a little work into the place, it still needs more time and money than we were willing to give. Since it was never intended to be a forever home, we have just been letting it slide.

It is being purchased by a very nice man who apparently went to church with Zach’s family a decade ago! He is very excited about fixing up the place and getting some of his own renters in there. We had an empty unit that he has started fixing up while we hammer out the financing details. He already has that place looking amazing. What a little elbow grease will do! But I digress… on to the new place.

First, we have to build it! We bought an 18×36 carport that is enclosed on three sides. Zach, with a lot of unhelpful instruction from me, is putting in a floor and the front wall which will have a window, door, and AC. We ordered the building on a Saturday, and they informed us that it would be delivered and installed in 4-6 weeks. The floor will need to be ready by then. We got a call on Wednesday that the carport would be delivered on that coming Tuesday! WOW that is not enough time. Zach took Friday off to get it all done in a three day weekend.

Day one was shopping and squaring the building. Shopping was fun even if it was just a hardware store. My husband is a perfectionist so it took him over an hour to select the 30+ boards that would frame in the floor. None of the 2×4’s were straight enough for him. Then there was a lot of pulling of string and measuring and tweaking cinder blocks little bit here and there, YAWN!!! That took ALL DAY! Who knew construction started off so slow and boring? He promises that it will be more fun once framing starts, but that, my friends, is for another post. Until next time!


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