Ranch Living

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We our moving from our slum house into a…. I’m trying to think of a proper adjective… small house? carport house? Simple house? Shed house… How about we are moving from our old place to our new place, eventually. I say slum house because when we first bought our triplex, I had several friends ask me if someone had been murdered there. Other friends asked me if ghosts lived in the house with us, since there are a lot of strange noises that come from the attic. Who knows! It is not a pretty house, nor is it well built which irks my husband and father-in-law to no end.

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Let’s talk about pigs. This will be happening a lot, pigs are our bread and butter! There will be many Many MANY (anybody seen the movie “Home”?) posts about them.

Pig Terms

Boar: Uncastrated male pig.

Sow: Female pig who HAS had babies.

Gilt: Female pig who HAS NOT had babies.

Barrow: Male pig who has been castrated.

Farrow/Farrowing: Giving birth.

Litter: Piglets.


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Making a Duckling Brooder

Making a Duckling Brooder

When I get an idea into my head I tend to jump right in without necessarily being completely prepared. That is definitely the case when it comes to ducklings and chicks. In November 2014, my husband, Zach, and I got 8 teenage ducks and 25 chickens. The chickens were for eggs and the ducks were for pest control, particularly flies.

The funny thing about young ducks is that they get older. As they age they also start to lay eggs, then hide eggs, then hatch eggs. The spring after we got our ducks we had over a hundred ducklings hatch completely unintentionally.

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